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If you ask only wrong questions, you never get right answers.

Alan Lewis presenting to the Environmental Health Symposium, describing the patents on synthetic biology and precision fermentation used in food production.

Analysis of and Recommendations for Improving Proposed Boulder County Composting Code Land Use Amendments

Submitted to Boulder County Departmental Staff of CP&P (and Planning Commission), OSCAR, BCPOS, Public Works, Boulder Public Heath, and Boulder County Commissioners Submitted 16 June 2023 Introduction – Thank you for the opportunity to provide comments on proposed land use code changes regarding composting. And a special thank you to Sabrina Torres for coming to…

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The “BioRoboost Roundtable” asks for input on the most urgent standardisation needs of the BioTech industry. Here’s my take.

Created on 2020-10-08 15:19 Published on 2020-10-08 15:29 Standard#1: Risk is mitigated by profit. Any burden of shame or responsibility created by the harm we do to other humans and the global ecesystem will be offset by the status and material wealth we accumulate. No risk, no gain. Standard #2: There is no ‘right to…

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